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china PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining manufacturers

Custom CNC Machining Services in China for PEI (Ultem)

ETCN offers PEI (Ultem) custom CNC machining services in China, which can be personalized to fit your exact needs. You are able to achieve this by working with professionals who have a vast knowledge in this area thereby getting precision machining solutions for your project. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering quality service and quick turnarounds that match what you need when it comes to machining – be it high-end or low-volume production runs.

 Save at least 50% on average

PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining
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    PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining Capabilities: Explore the Versatility and Precision

Learn about the accuracy and flexibility of PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining. Find out how this advanced manufacturing technique can produce highly detailed designs that are both precise and dependable. Start using PEI CNC Machining today to improve your projects!

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Applications:CNC machining is used on metal and plastic to create high-quality components with excellent mechanical properties. It utilizes 3-axis & 5-axis CNC milling which is precise and repeatable.

Strengths:Great mechanical characteristics; precise and repeatable.

Weaknesses:More stringent geometry limitations compared to 3D printing.

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Price: $$$$$

Lead Time: < 10 days

Wall thickness: 0.75mm

Tolerances: ±0.125mm (±0.005″)

Max part size: 200 x 80 x 100 cm

Precision engineering exemplified: CNC Machining Ultem Parts

Explore Our Range of PEI(Ultem) CNC Machining Materials for Your Projects

Explore our range of PEI (Ultem) CNC machining materials, which can be used in various ways. They are also durable, meeting different requirements of precision and effectiveness that may arise during your project undertakings.

PEI Ultem 1000 | Yield strength 125 MPa | Elongation at break 12 - 35 %

Known for its great strength, rigidity and ability to withstand high temperatures over long periods of time, Ultem 1000 is a high-performance polymer. Medical, aircraft, aerospace and electronics are some of the many fields that this adaptable material is used in. It usually has a translucent amber color but this is not what makes Ultem 1000 so valued; it’s loved because it can be trusted.

PEI Ultem 2300 30% Glass Filled | Ultimate tensile strength:135 MPa | Elongation at break:4 %

Ultem 2300 is a high-performance thermoplastic that has been reinforced with thirty percent glass fiber, giving it increased strength and stiffness. It is used in applications where high-strength materials are needed along with heat resistance, electrical conductivity or insulation properties, flame retardancy or chemical resistance. Reusability makes Ultem an appropriate choice for medical devices too.

PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining Material Comparison: Best Options for Your Needs

Property CategoryPropertyPEI Ultem 1000PEI Ultem 2300 30% Glass Filled
Material TypePlasticPlastic
Material NamePEI Ultem 1000PEI Ultem 2300 30% Glass Filled
Process CompatibilityCNC machiningCNC machining
Mechanical PropertiesUltimate Tensile Strength125 MPa135 MPa
Yield Strength125 MPa135 MPa
Young's Modulus (Elasticity)3.1 - 3.3 GPa5.3 GPa
Elongation at Break12 - 35 %4%
Thermal PropertiesMaximum Service Temperature170 °C170 °C
Thermal Expansion Coefficient50 x 10^-6/°C30 x 10^-6/°C
Thermal Conductivity 0.21 - 0.24 W/(m⋅°C)0.23 W/(m⋅°C)
Common ApplicationsLight sockets, Plugs, Sensor housings, JigsPlug parts, Sensor housings, Valve bodies

Best Surface Finishes for PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining Services

Enhancing Product Quality and Appearance: Best Surface Treatments for PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining

Aluminum Anodizing parts
Anodizing is a well-known technique for treating surfaces that are used to increase the strength of mechanical, airplane, and automotive parts. This treatment improves their ability to resist wear, protects against rusting, and gives them a harder surface with a flat appearance. The process can be done in different shades such as transparent or colorless, black, grayish metallic, reddish brownish coppery yellowish orange hue representative, among others, which include blue and golden tinted finishes too.
Bead Blasting
Bead Blasting

Find out the advantages of using bead blasting to achieve smooth surfaces with a trendy dull finish. This process improves the look and feel of an object and can be used on various materials like ABS plastics, aluminum, brass, or stainless steel, as well as the steel itself. Bead blasting, when paired with different treatments, can really boost the appeal of any product as a whole.

Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Powder coating is a method that is environmentally friendly. It involves applying dry powder electrostatically and then curing it using heat or UV light. This process does not use any solvents; instead, it utilizes aluminum, stainless steel, and steel to provide finishes in black or any RAL code/Pantone number with gloss or semi-gloss options. It’s perfect for long-lasting coatings that can be used on many different surfaces.


Electroplating is an adaptable method that can be used in many fields, such as the automotive industry, to fulfill functional needs as well as for decoration and protection against rust. Among other things, chrome-plating steel parts is often done in order to make them look smooth and shiny. Aluminum, steel, and stainless steel are among the most frequently used materials when it comes to achieving a polished finish.


Unearth the art of surface finishing for a beautiful sparkling shine; manual buffing or chemical means can be used to this end and also to make it mirror-like. Reflectivity is different in materials, thus demanding diverse methods in achieving high glosses on aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and mild steel.

Brushing parts

Surface brushing is a detailed process that refines various materials such as ABS, Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel, and Steel. This method makes objects look better by giving them a satin finish using abrasive belts.

Experience CNC machining with Ultem parts for precision engineering and manufacturing purposes. Find out how its strength and thermal stability increase its efficiency. This article will look at CNC machining Ultem parts for aerospace, medical, and electronics among other industries. See the accuracy and resilience of Ultem components under strict quality controls.
why choose ETCN
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    Why Choose ETCN's PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining

Precision: The accuracy of our CNC machining process in manufacturing your Ultem parts is unequaled.

Durability: For hard-wearing applications that are meant to last, nothing beats this material’s strength and resistance to heat.

Versatility: We can meet many different needs–whether they require delicate shapes or strong parts–through what our machines can do.

Expertise: Our staff has worked with PEI machined products for years; so trust them when it comes to producing items of the highest quality according to your specifications.

Innovation: Employing cutting edge technology enables us offer creative manufacturing solutions while staying updated on current trends within the sector thus giving an advantage over competitors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about PEI (Ultem) CNC Machining

Q: What is PEI (Ultem) CNC machining?

A: It is a process of precision manufacturing made from Ultem – the high-performance plastic. This involves using computer numerical control (CNC) machines for cutting, shaping, and drilling Ultem, which has excellent thermal and chemical resistance as well as mechanical properties.

Q: What are Ultem's material properties?

A: Ultem is an amorphous thermoplastic with outstanding heat, chemical resistance, and mechanical strength. It also has excellent dimensional stability, high rigidity, and very good tensile strength, which makes it useful in various industries, such as aerospace or automotive sectors, where there are demanding conditions.

Q: What are the different grades of Ultem used in CNC machining?

A: There exist many varieties, each suitable for their respective applications; among these include unfilled standard grade pei called Ultem 1000, which offers high strength combined with excellent heat resistance. Another one is glass fiber reinforced grade Ultem 2300 – this type possesses greater stiffness along its length compared to other materials like ultem1000 while being lighter weight at the same time, too, due to the reinforcement effect by fibers within a matrix structure.

Q: Why is Ultem chosen for CNC machined parts? 

A:  The selection of Ultem arises from its versatility and high-performance nature, whereby it can resist elevated temperatures besides chemicals, thus suiting harsh environments. Moreover, even though they possess strong mechanical properties like strength or rigidity, which contributes towards their long life span since they do not break easily still, Altern materials are easy to machine compared with other thermoplastics, meaning less time taken during the machining process, leading to lower costs incurred on the machines used for this purpose.

Q: What industries commonly use CNC-machined Ultem parts?

A: These components are widely adopted in various fields, necessitating high performance and robustness under severe conditions, such as those found in aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics industries. Such properties are enhanced by thermal resistance coupled with chemical inertness possessed by them which makes ultem be an excellent choice for these applications.

Q: How does the surface finish of machined Ultem parts compare to other plastics?

A: Can more superior surface finishes be achieved with machined Ultem parts than with other plastics? This is because Ultem is amorphous and has a high resistance to heat. The ability to manipulate CNC machining precisely enables one to have smooth finishes that match exact measurements, therefore making it valuable for situations where aesthetic look and close tolerance are important.

Q: Can Ultem be CNC machined to high precision and complex shapes?

A: Is it possible for Ultem to be machined into highly precise shapes using computer numerical control machines? Indeed, these devices can work on this material and produce complicated forms accurately. What makes them suitable for sophisticated parts in the aerospace industry, medical technology sector, or any other field that requires accurate engineering skills is their ability to create tight tolerance levels during the production process.

Q: What should be considered when machining Ultem parts regarding tool selection and processing parameters?

A: In order not only to optimize but also achieve desired material properties during milling operations made from ULETEM, it is necessary to consider various issues, including tool choice vis-à-vis the grade being machined and the complexity of the part, among others. For instance, cutting speed feed rate, coolant, etc., etc. must be regulated accordingly so as to reduce thermal energy transfer, hence attaining good quality surfaces while at the same time minimizing chances of distortion due to excessive heating or degradation caused by chemical reactions taking place within the workpiece.

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